Pan Mee is on of my favorite especially those with hot and spicy chilies. There is one shop that serves original and hot spicy pan mee around Metro Prima Kepong – Huang Ah Ma Steamboat Restaurant. Pan Mee only available from 11am till 3pm daily.
The chili pan mee comes with a small plate of homemade chili paste, you add according to your level of endurance to hot and spicy :)

Pan Mee in Kepongpan mee
Chili Pan Mee – RM5.90 served with soup
Look at the egg… half fried, egg yoke is still half cooked and it flows out as you take a bite. But beware though, absolutely HOT chilly. You should be aware how much you can handle before dropping the whole plate into the Pan Mee, as recommended by the waiter. The way this Pan Mee is cooked is absolutely different from one you get from your regular neighborhood Chinese hawker stall. They really do put many different ingredients such as slices of black fungus, slices of mushrooms,fried crispy anchovies into it. The texture of the Pan Mee is smooth and also tantalizing.
pan mee kepong
Huang Ah Ma shop also serves other types of pan mee, fried pan mee (RM7.90) is another yummy types of choice to choose from…

Rate: 9/10
Huang Ah Ma Steamboat S/B
No 16, JLN Metro Perdana 8, Tmn Usahawan Kepong Utara,52100 KL.