Nyonya Colors @ Old Wing One Utama is a must for those who love nyonya kuih. Nyonya Colors expanded the business from one stall to three stalls…due to the popular demand of their traditional homemade and delicious nyonya kuih. Nyonya Colors serve only the original and the best of nyonya kuih. They also serve some local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak,bread toast, asam laksa… Nyonya Colors opens daily from 10am till 10pm, but most of the nyonya kuih sold out even before 5pm.So, go as early as possible to avoid disappointment. :)
nyonya kuih nyonya kuih
Various of nyonya kuih, wrapped nicely with plastic…range RM0.80-RM0.90 per piece.Clock wise from the above pic : kuih talam (RM0.90);kuih lapis selantan,sweet potato, red bean and bingka beras (RM0.80/piece). Angku with mung bean and red bean cost RM0.70 each.
The next pic is my favorite ondeh-ondeh (RM1.80/pack). The nyonya kuih are so yummy, not very thick of santan, but with strong aroma of various natural ingredients.

nyonya kuih nyonya kuih
Chee Cheong Fun -RM3.90. Quite expensive for a plain chee cheong fun.Taste normal, maybe because I do not like the shrimp. The other specialty is our national food, nasi lemak special – RM7.90. Surprisingly, the rice taste so different, with taste of pandan and ginger, no santan (coconut milk).The sambal and the ikan bilis (anchovies) taste good.This nasi lemak comes with slices of mango, very refreshing.

nyonya kuih nyonya kuih

Thai Mee Siam – RM2.50. Wrapped in pieces of banana leaves, simple yet delicious.

Baguette (RM3.00) and brownie (RM1.20) – The only western food served at Nyonya Colors.

nyonya kuih nyonya kuih

ABC – RM2.40 and bubur Cha Cha – RM3.80. Bubur Cha Cha tastes much better if compare to the ABC.The bubur cha cha tastes yummy due to the balance blend of thick santan with various types of sweet potatoes,yam and chickpeas.

Add: F65,1st Floor,One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing),PJ,Malaysia

Tel: 03-77282288

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